37th Annual Awards Dinner & Program

The 37th Annual Awards Dinner & Program was held on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. Thirteen members of the Police Department were recognized at this annual event for their outstanding accomplishments. The awards and recipients are:

  *   Valor: Officers Justin A. Haines, Brian D. Remmers and Phillip R. Wright, Precinct 4 Pikesville

  *   Crime Prevention: Detective Kenneth Brown and Detective Steve Jackson, Mobile Crisis Team

  *   Distinguished Contribution to the Profession: Officer James A. Bylen, Marine Team

  *   Exceptional Performance: Officer Jefferson F. Schaub Jr., DUI Task Force

  *   Exceptional Group Performance: Ashley Hofmann, Gregory J. Klein, Christopher G. Kollmann and Dana McAlister, Digital and Multimedia Evidence Unit

  *   Community Service: Officer Darryl A. Hunter Sr., School Resource Officer (SRO) in Precinct 11 Essex

  *   Rookie of the Year: Officer James A. Koscielski III, Precinct 2 Woodlawn

Click here to read their stories. You can view their personal interviews featured in the “Police Report” by clicking here.

Congratulations all!

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