2020 Annual Award Recipients

“Michael P. Caruthers” Rookie of the Year

OFC Stephen B. Dutton, Jr.
OFC Stephen B. Dutton, Jr.

Officer Stephen B. Dutton was raised in Parkville and aspired to become a police officer from an early age. Officer Dutton applied to the Baltimore County Police Department and entered the Police Academy in 2017. However, he had to reenter the academy a second time due to an injury. He seized this temporary setback as an opportunity to mentor others and serve as President of his class. Officer Dutton graduated in June of 2018.

Officer Dutton immediately distinguished himself as a patrol officer in the White Marsh Precinct, taking a proactive approach to police work and service to the community. In one case, his initiative led to arrests of suspects in a string of burglaries and thefts at a local recycling business in Rosedale. High-visibility patrol enforcement during his shift also led to the seizure of narcotics and firearms.

Officer Dutton consistently raises the bar for enforcement in the White Marsh Precinct and he strives to provide the best service possible to the citizens of Baltimore County. Between January 1, 2019, and September 30, 2019, Officer Dutton recorded 277 citations, 517 warnings, and 20 Safety Equipment Repair Orders, as well as nearly two dozen arrests for drug possession and distribution, handgun possession, and auto theft. These accomplishments come in addition to his routine duties as a patrol officer and responding to calls for service.

Officer Dutton leverages his knowledge of the area while on patrol and often finds time to interact with community members, including students at local schools. For his outstanding performance and commitment to the community, Officer Stephen B. Dutton, Jr. has earned the 2020 “Michael P. Caruthers” Rookie of the Year Award.

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Community Service

OFC Keith L. Boone

Officer Keith L. Boone joined the Baltimore County Police Department in 1999 and has been assigned to the Wilkens Precinct for more than 20 years. Officer Boone has provided invaluable service to the community through his leadership of the Cops and Kids Basketball Camp. Under Officer Boone’s leadership, the Cops and Kids Basketball Camp has helped more than 600 young people develop skills needed on and off the court. In 2019, the basketball clinics hosted 60 children each day, between the ages of 6 and 16.

The camp also fosters positive relationships between law enforcement, youth, and community members. Officer Boone has recruited and inspired dozens of members of the Department to serve as mentors, and local businesses have donated food, equipment, and use of their facilities due to Officer Boone’s efforts. In his spare time, Officer Boone serves as a youth basketball coach. He often calls on his team, including his two daughters, to assist with the camps.

Officer Boone uses his love of basketball to break down barriers and connect members of the Baltimore County Police Department with young people to allow those groups to interact and see one another outside of calls for service. Officer Boone is a member of the Community Outreach Team and has launched weekly mentoring programs at Riverview Elementary School and Lansdowne Middle School.

For his leadership with the Cops and Kids Basketball Camps, and dedication to serving the youth of Baltimore County, Officer Keith L. Boone has earned the 2020 Community Service Award.

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Crime Prevention

Pharmaceutical Diversion Squad/Vice Narcotics
Back Row (L-R): Bishop, Ruby, Goodwin, Wood
Front Row (L-R): Cassel, Jedlowski, Rock, Vermont
Lieutenant David L. Barton Sergeant Wayne Jedlowski
Corporal Christopher BishopDetective Nathan Cassel
Detective Dimitri A. GoodwinDetective Adam L. Rock
Detective Gary RubyDetective Michael Simone
Detective James L. VermontDetective Rachel M. Wood

The Pharmaceutical Diversion Squad of the Criminal Investigations Bureau/Vice Narcotics Section primarily conducts investigations involving possible prescription fraud, including those involving medical professionals suspected of excessively prescribing or dispensing medications. In 2019, the Pharmaceutical Diversion Squad worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Internal Revenue Service, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to launch an investigation into what would become the first wiretap case for Medicare fraud in Maryland.

In February 2018, the Pharmaceutical Diversion Squad received a tip from a concerned citizen about suspicious activity at a medical clinic in Essex. The tipster believed the facility was operating as a “pill mill.” The team spent several weeks conducting surveillance outside of the clinic, and identified several doctors, clinic employees, and patients involved in distributing Suboxone and other drugs inside and outside of the clinic.

Throughout 2018, detectives worked with the Maryland Attorney General’s Office to obtain a court order to perform physical and electronic surveillance inside of clinics owned by an area physician. Detectives gathered evidence of widespread criminal activity, including fraud and money laundering. The investigation progressed to a Title III wiretap investigation through which investigators and prosecutors were able to secure 20 criminal indictments.

This investigation into Medicare fraud required more than 10,000 hours of physical surveillance, electronic surveillance, and dozens of undercover visits to six pain management clinics operating in Baltimore County. During the investigation, detectives uncovered suspected illegal activity at treatment facilities and clinics in Cecil, Harford, Kent, and Wicomico Counties. The investigation also revealed that a target of the investigation faced existing fraud charges in a neighboring state. This case was the first in which detectives were able to obtain undercover Medicare cards to carry out an investigation, thanks to collaboration with Federal authorities.

The Pharmaceutical Diversion Squad is proactive in its crime prevention strategy and tactics. The team has developed and distributed Pharmatrend alerts to the more than 200 pharmacies operating in Baltimore County, detailing crime trends and suspects involved in prescription fraud and theft. The alert system has led to numerous arrests and helped clear cases in Baltimore County and other jurisdictions in Maryland.

For their innovative investigative techniques, efforts to disrupt a complex drug trafficking operation, and dedication to the safety of the citizens of Baltimore County, the Pharmaceutical Diversion Squad has earned the 2020 Crime Prevention Award.

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Distinguished Contribution to the Profession

Police Assistant Jeffrey S. Ray

Jeffrey S. Ray spent 15 years as a member of the United States Marine Corps before joining the Baltimore County Police Department as a volunteer in 2018. Mr. Ray became interested in working with the Department after learning about the Department’s efforts to investigate decades-old sexual assault cases, linked to slides preserved by the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. Mr. Ray’s hard work, attention to detail, and dedication earned him a paid position with the Department as a part-time Police Assistant in 2019.

Jeffrey Ray developed a keen interest in DNA and its role in sexual assault investigations, educating himself extensively on the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and researching best practices on tracking Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) kits in other states to apply in Baltimore County.  Mr. Ray’s accomplishments since joining the Department include developing a more efficient way of storing and organizing case files and developing an electronic tracking program for the Department’s sexual assault evidence inventory. He was also instrumental in preparing the Department for an audit by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office.

Mr. Ray has a passion for bringing justice to victims of sexual assault and his willingness to work beyond his routine duties is a testament to his dedication and character. He takes satisfaction in a job well done and is motivated by the possibility that a piece of newly tested evidence can help investigators solve one or more cases in Maryland, and in other states.

Police Assistant Jeffrey S. Ray has contributed valuable insights to the Baltimore County Police Department, and exemplified the Department’s commitment to “Integrity, Fairness, and Service.” For his strong efforts that have made a difference in sexual assault investigations in Baltimore County now, and for years to come, Jeffrey S. Ray has earned the 2020 Distinguished Contribution to the Profession Award.

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Exceptional Performance

Detective Ryan Massey

Detective Ryan Massey joined the Baltimore County Police Department in 1999 and has spent 14 years in the Homicide Unit.

In 2019, Detective Massey was the lead investigator for six murder cases, and secondary investigator for six other cases, carrying the highest caseload in the Homicide Unit. Detective Massey was able to successfully solve five of the six homicides assigned to him, giving him a clearance rate of 83.3%, well above the FBI National clearance rate of 62.3% set in 2018. During the course of his investigations, Detective Massey also recovered 15 firearms.

In March 2019, a man was shot and killed outside of a convenience store in the Turner’s Station community in Dundalk. Detective Massey found a cell phone near the scene of the shooting and reviewed surveillance video from the convenience store. Fingerprints allowed detectives to identify the suspected gunman, and interviews revealed a previous altercation between the victim and suspect months before the shooting. Detective Massey secured two warrants for the suspect, who was apprehended by the Baltimore County Tactical Team and the Baltimore City SWAT Team. Police also recovered a shotgun and five handguns, one of which was linked to a homicide in Baltimore City. The defendant in this case was convicted of charges against him in July 2021.

In September 2019, a woman was shot and killed outside of her home in Dundalk. Detective Massey and his partner were able to get a description of the vehicle involved in the shooting and retrieve surveillance video that tracked that vehicle before the shooting. Detective Massey located a witness who had met the suspected gunman to buy drugs. Information from that interview helped detectives in the Narcotics Section to conduct surveillance.  In December 2019, detectives executed two search warrants at addresses connected to the suspect. This operation led to the suspect’s arrest, as well as the recovery of two handguns. During the search, a witness told detectives that the suspect admitted to shooting the victim in Dundalk.

Detective Massey is known for the quality of his investigations, his determination, attention to detail, and professionalism. For his excellence as an investigator, and persistent pursuit of justice for homicide victims and their families, Detective Ryan Massey has earned the 2020 Exceptional Individual Performance Award.

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Exceptional Group Performance

Crime & Traffic Analysis Team
Back Row (L-R): Cernik, Su, Borkovic, Cameron, Leedy
Front Row (L-R): Chen, Lowe, Rothlingshofer, Lu, Medhin
Mrs. Tricia Rothlingshofer
Mr. Matthew Borkovic
Mr. Chad Cameron
Ms. Erika Cernik
Ms. Irene Chen
Mr. Mike Leedy
Mr. Michael Brandon Lowe
Mrs. Wenjuan Lu
Mrs. Gennet Medhin
Mr. Jun Su

The Crime and Traffic Analysis Team is a small team of professional staff employees, tasked with supporting all bureaus within the Baltimore County Police Department. The team contributes to the Department in ways that lead to solving crimes, capturing fugitives, and effective predictive policing.

The Unit provides analytical support and mapping support, producing reports, tables, charts, and maps to visualize crime trends and incidents in each precinct so that the members of the Department can make decisions. Data compiled and analysis constructed by the Unit can also be used to help citizens of Baltimore County make decisions and stay informed. In 2019, the Crime and Traffic Analysis Team logged 424 projects – a nearly 25 percent increase over the year before and 35 percent more than in 2017.

Their exceptional work has improved operations and effectiveness of the Baltimore County Police Department in a number of ways, and for this, the Crime and Traffic Analysis Team has earned the 2020 Exceptional Group Performance Award.

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OFC Christopher M. Brocato
OFC Tyler B. Wise

On the afternoon of September 28, 2019, several people called 911 to report a man with a knife who attacked several people at the Hunt Valley Town Center. Officers Christopher Brocato and Tyler Wise were among the officers who responded to the scene. Officers found a 31-year-old man, armed with a knife, walking toward the busy intersection of Shawan and McCormick Roads. Officer Brocato, who responds to mental health-related incidents as a member of the Mobile Crisis Team, attempted to engage the subject. However, the man did not respond to multiple commands to drop the knife. Officer Wise, a patrol officer in the Cockeysville Precinct,  joined Officer Brocato in urging the suspect to put the knife down, but the suspect did not comply.

Officers Brocato and Wise recognized the potential danger the suspect posed to officers and civilians nearby and discharged their firearms. Officer Brocato rendered aid to the suspect who later died from his injuries. Five people were injured during the incident at the Hunt Valley Towne Centre.

For their actions to protect the citizens of Baltimore County, Officers Christopher Brocato and Tyler Wise have earned the 2020 Valor Award.

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