POFC James A. Koscielski, III

POFC James A. Koscielski, III

Officer James Koscielski began his law enforcement career in 2015. Upon completion of the training academy, he was assigned as a patrol officer to Shift 2 at the Woodlawn Precinct. During 2016, Officer Koscielski established himself as a self-motivated, proactive police officer who is dedicated to serving the Department and citizens of Baltimore County. His determination to excel at his duties has placed him as the highest enforcement producing officer on his shift, and as a result he was assigned a permanent post car. He familiarized himself with the problem areas on his post, as well as within the precinct.

In 2016, Officer Koscielski issued 730 citations, 612 warnings, and conducted 24 field interview reports. He cleared 20 felony cases and made 22 felony arrests; he cleared 101 misdemeanor cases and made 41 misdemeanor arrests. Officer Koscielski also cleared 104 serious traffic cases, made 12 traffic arrests and served 17 warrants. He conducted this high level of enforcement while handling one of the busiest posts in the precinct. During this year, Officer Koscielski also seized approximately $3,000.00 in currency related to drug sales and seized four guns during one investigation. He responded to a call for a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, he observed a subject with a gun in the small of his back. Once backup arrived on the scene, he detained the subject and retrieved the firearm. Further investigation revealed that a family member living in the basement of the home was selling narcotics. The homeowner consented to a search of the basement, where three more firearms were found – one was an AR-15 assault rifle. Officer Koscielski excels in street level drug enforcement. He routinely conducts traffic stops to investigate activity that is indicative of the sale of narcotics. He has a great working relationship with the Precinct’s Investigative Services Team. Several investigations Officer Koscielski conducted this year resulted in the recovery of drugs and the arrest of the suspects.  Officer Koscielski is a veteran of the Army, Special Forces, and has excellent leadership skills. He takes control of stressful situations and de-escalates them; his peers often enlist his help or advice within his areas of expertise. Officer Koscielski is always willing to assist his fellow officers.

For his professionalism and outstanding performance, Officer James A. Koscielski, III, has earned the Rookie of the Year Award.



POFC Darryl A. Hunter, Sr. School Resource Officer, Precinct 11

POFC Darryl A. Hunter, Sr.
School Resource Officer,
Precinct 11

Officer Darryl Hunter is a School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to Chesapeake High School in Essex. He is a 27-year veteran of the Department, serving as an SRO for the past 14 years since the program’s inception.

Officer Hunter exemplifies the qualifications of an exceptional SRO. He mentors, teaches and guides those around him, not only setting a good example but building long lasting relationships with school administrators, staff and students. When assigned to Chesapeake High, he searched out official and unofficial leaders of the student population. He met with those students and listened to their concerns and opinions and addressed their questions. Officer Hunter also identified students who weren’t always making good decisions. He made it clear to the students that he would be fair, but he would not tolerate infractions of the law or rules within the school. Officer Hunter prevents crimes and enforces laws when it is necessary; he is diligent in maintaining the overall safety of his school through various techniques he has developed over the years. He routinely makes suggestions to school personnel with regards to security concerns and thoroughly investigates incidents that occur at the school.

Officer Hunter has been an excellent role model and mentor. This is certainly evident in that several of his students have attended the Youth Leadership Academy, four became volunteer police explorers, three became cadets, one is in training at the Police Academy, and two are current police officers.

In addition to his role as an SRO, Officer Hunter is dedicated to the sports program at Chesapeake High. For the last seven years, Officer Hunter has coached the varsity basketball, football, baseball and softball teams. In 2016, the girls’ basketball team and the football team both accomplished levels of success that were firsts in the school’s history. In basketball, the girls were crowned the Maryland 2A North Regional Section 1 Champions; in football, the team went undefeated with a 9-0 record and was crowned Baltimore County District Champions.

Officer Hunter also volunteers at the Bridgeway Community Church, where he assists church elders with mentoring and counseling the young adults. He always projects a positive image and outlook.  For his dedicated efforts and exemplary commitment to service, Officer Darryl A. Hunter, Sr. has earned the Community Service Award.



Detective Steve Jackson Workplace Violence Team

Detective Steve Jackson  Workplace Violence Team

Detective Kenneth Brown Workplace Violence Team

Detective Kenneth Brown
Workplace Violence Team

When we see and hear the headline news about an act of violence committed within a workplace, it is often accompanied by the questions – why and how did this happen? Did anyone see any changes in the person? Could something have been done to prevent the incident? These incidents, no matter where they take place, are traumatic and shocking. In Baltimore County, Detective Steve Jackson and Detective Kenneth Brown are responsible for dealing with workplace violence issues whether a threat is explicit, implied or somewhat ambiguous in nature. Their knowledge, experience and expertise are sought at a variety of levels when potential threats arise within a government entity or the private sector.

Both Detectives Jackson and Brown have experience as officers assigned to the Mobile Crisis Team. They worked side-by-side on a daily basis with a licensed clinical social worker, gaining knowledge about behavioral health issues, such as mental illness, substance users, emotional distress, etc. This experience was invaluable and assists them in conducting threat assessments and formulating threat management plans that can be implemented to provide the utmost safety to intended targets. Detectives Jackson and Brown were asked to create a public education training initiative that would reach beyond the norm, encompass preventative strategies to enhance safety and awareness, and to include tactics to increase survivability related to violent acts committed in the  workplace. They created a training presentation that focuses on aspects related to workplace violence, de-escalation techniques, and responding to an active shooter. The presentation incorporates how to identify potential offenders, how to verbally de-escalate hostile/angry individuals, and how to react to increase survivability during incidents of violence.

Over the years, requests for workplace violence education has increased, especially from the private sector. In 2016, the Detectives presented to over 2,800 people. Additionally, one of the businesses had Detective Jackson participate in a webinar, which was streamed to their regional offices across the country. The organizations hosting these trainings create a safer, stronger and more productive workplace, which reflects the care and concern they have for their employees.

For their extensive knowledge and ability to create this comprehensive, effective training program, Detective Steve Jackson and Detective Kenneth Brown have earned the Crime Prevention Award.



POFC James A. Bylen Marine Team

POFC James A. Bylen            Marine Team

Officer James Bylen has been with the Department since 2003.  For the past three years, he has been assigned to the Marine Team. Officer Bylen is a great proponent of boating safety and he recognized a need to create a program to educate the boating community, which is significant in Baltimore County.

In 2015, boating fatalities in the upper Chesapeake Bay region reached a 20-year high of 16. Six of those fatalities occurred in Baltimore County. Officer Bylen wanted to create an event that could be held annually in conjunction with National Safe Boater Week; hoping the attendees would take away a broader awareness of the importance of safe boating operation. Officer Bylen worked tirelessly preparing to put this event together. He actively met with community associations, the Baltimore County Marine Trades Association, the local civic council and the Back River Restoration Committee. He worked with the Department’s event coordinator and a local marina to create a Facebook page and flyers to promote the event and organized several planning meetings with volunteers and stakeholders. Officer Bylen met with members of the U.S. Coast Guard, the Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Department of Natural Resources, the Baltimore County Fire Department and Baltimore County Volunteer Fire Rescue. All of these agencies participated at the event and provided valuable boating safety information and resources. Officer Bylen also met with local businesses to provide food service to the attendees, and Mission BBQ generously provided food for all event volunteers. Monetary donations were used to create an event agenda and site map, listing demonstration locations and times.

The first annual “Sergeant Marvin T. Haw IV Boating Safety Day” was held on May 14, 2016 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Wilson Point Park in Middle River. Sergeant Haw was a much beloved commander of the Department’s Marine Team who passed away in January 2016. The event drew a significant crowd and was well received by all. Baltimore County experienced a dramatic decrease in boating fatalities in 2016, with only one compared to the previous year’s six.

For his unwavering and tireless efforts in creating this unique and remarkable event, Officer James A. Bylen has earned the Distinguished Contribution to the Profession Award.



POFC Jefferson F. Schaub, Jr. DUI Task Force

POFC Jefferson F. Schaub, Jr. DUI Task Force

Officer Jefferson “Jeff” Schaub is assigned to the DUI Task Force in the Traffic Resource Management Unit. He is a 22-year veteran of the Department. In 2016, Officer Schaub set out to apprehend 100 DUI offenders, setting a goal to make the roadways in Baltimore County safer and to have the Department represented during the awarding of the Maryland Highway Safety Office’s Ace Award at their annual ceremony. Over the next twelve months, Officer Schaub hit the streets hard and accomplished his goal.

He conducted 557 traffic stops, issued 983 citations, 431 warnings, and 37 Safety Equipment Repair Orders. He also conducted 37 Intoximeter Tests and 8 Drug Recognition Evaluations; these tests usually take 1-4 hours to administer. Officer Schaub arrested 107 drunk drivers. It took incredible work ethic and perseverance to accomplish his goal, all while balancing his other duties, as well as court appearances.

In addition to his regular duties, Officer Schaub is an instructor with the training academy’s Traffic Training Team. During the year, Officer Schaub taught multiple courses in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Drug Recognition Evaluations, and the Instructor’s courses for both. Additionally, Officer Schaub provided valuable traffic training information outside of the Department. He teaches a block of instruction in Impaired Driving several times a year to the U.S. Customs Enforcement and to the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers’ Impact Class. Officer Schaub also created and presented a program on Impaired Driving to the junior and senior classes at Sparrows Point High School.

Officer Schaub is truly dedicated to removing dangerous drivers from the streets and roads in Baltimore County. The Maryland Highway Safety Office did, in fact, recognize his achievement with its prestigious Ace Award. Only 8 officers in the state earned this award, and Officer Schaub is the first Baltimore County police officer to receive this award in over 10 years.  For the persistent and dedicated efforts put forth to accomplish his goal, Officer Jefferson F. Schaub, Jr., has earned the Exceptional Performance Award.



Digital & Multimedia Evidence Unit

Digital & Multimedia Evidence Unit

Back Row (left to right): Ashley Hofmann, Gregory J. Klein, Dana McAlister                       

Front Row: Christopher G. Kollmann







The Digital and Multimedia Evidence Unit (DMEU), of the Forensic Services Section, uses a high-tech, cutting edge approach to recover, preserve and examine digital evidence. Most investigative cases involve one or more aspects of digital evidence, be it a computer, tablet, smartphone, DVR, game system or other digital device. It is the dedication and hard work of the DMEU that turns digital evidence into actionable intelligence. Data recovered from mobile devices and computers, and surveillance video extracted and enhanced from crime scenes and surrounding businesses, provide invaluable leads that support investigations and solve crimes.

In 2016, the DMEU processed over 52 terabytes of data, which is the equivalent of the printed collection of the U.S. Library of Congress five times over. Examiners recovered thousands of images of child pornography, which led to the arrest, prosecution and registration of dozens of sex offenders; examiners bypassed security lockouts on numerous smartphones using various advanced techniques. Video technicians responded to over 600 requests for video surveillance extractions. Many of these videos led to the subsequent arrest and prosecution of suspects that otherwise may never have been identified. Each member of the DMEU contributed to the commendable efforts of the Unit this year. The following are some of the details of the work they performed:

Dana McAlister is responsible for the acquisition and examination of digital evidence. She provided exemplary forensic services not only for our Department, but for Harford County as well. When the Harford County Sheriff’s Office lost their only computer forensic examiner, Dana provided crucial assistance in processing a homicide case for them. She also assisted with a case for the Bel Air Police Department.

Ashley Hofmann is also responsible for the acquisition and examination of digital evidence. She used a cutting edge process to unlock a mobile device related to a police involved shooting. The data extracted from the smartphone had crucial evidentiary value for this case. Ashley used the resources of a contact at a Federal agency to unlock the device. The DMEU has since acquired the equipment necessary to provide advanced unlocking services using the technique.

Gregory Klein is responsible for the extraction and enhancement of digital surveillance video. He created a video timeline from multiple surveillance video extractions that was instrumental in the prosecution of a defendant who killed her mother at a mall in southeastern Baltimore County. The video timeline captured vital evidence of their activities leading up to and including the violent act/homicide.

Christopher Kollmann is responsible for the oversight of all digital evidence processing. He provided critical evidence involving GPS metadata related to a homicide investigation. A photograph obtained via a mobile device was determined to contain location data that revealed where the photograph was taken. Christopher was able to extract and map the GPS coordinates embedded in the photo. This led detectives to those responsible for the homicide; they were arrested and prosecuted.

For their exemplary, dedicated efforts in working to recover this complex evidence, the members of the Digital and Multimedia Evidence Unit have earned the Exceptional Group Performance Award.



POFC Justin A. Haines Precinct 4/Pikesville

POFC Justin A. Haines
Precinct 4/Pikesville

POFC Brian D. Remmers Precinct 4/Pikesville

POFC Brian D. Remmers
Precinct 4/Pikesville

POFC Phillip R. Wright Precinct 4/Pikesville

POFC Phillip R. Wright
Precinct 4/Pikesville












On December 23, 2016 at 10:53 p.m., officers from the Pikesville Precinct responded to a call for a disturbance at an apartment building on Debilen Circle. The complainant advised that an upstairs neighbor was slamming his door and yelling loudly. Upon arrival, Officer Justin Haines was the first to enter the building. Officer Brian Remmers and Officer Phillip Wright quickly followed and also entered the building. Officer Haines knocked on the apartment door and a person inside the apartment could be heard stating, “Time to die.” Within seconds after that statement, the apartment door swung open. Officer Haines was confronted with a man holding a knife in a threatening manner moving towards him and the other officers.

Officers Haines, Remmers and Wright attempted to retreat in order to put some distance between themselves and the suspect, who was still moving towards them. As Officer Haines moved back, he lost his footing and stumbled down the stairs. Officer Remmers was able to take large steps to go back down the stairs as well, un-holstering his gun as he retreated. As the suspect was still advancing on the officers, Officer Remmers fired a shot at the suspect, hitting him in the arm. The suspect fell to the ground. From their positions at the base of the stairs, Officer Haines and Officer Wright also had their firearms pointed at the suspect. Each officer kept their firearm directed at the suspect until they could determine if he was still armed and still a threat to their safety. After tactically approaching the suspect, the officers were able to ensure that he was disarmed and effectively ended the threat.

Once the officers disarmed the suspect, they each rendered First Aid to the man and offered reassuring comments as they waited for medical technicians to arrive on the scene.  As this incident unfolded at an incredibly fast pace, each officer exhibited great fortitude and composure. The danger during this incident was severe and could have seriously injured each officer or caused death.

For the courage and bravery displayed during this incident, Officer Justin A. Haines, Officer Brian D. Remmers and Officer Phillip R. Wright have earned the Valor Award.