Danielle Bradshaw-Lee

BGE, An Exelon company
Senior Manager, BGE Security
Years on the Board: July 2017 to Present

F. Frank Culotta

DEX Imaging

Managing Partner


Years on the Board:  November 2004 to Present

William McFaul

St. John Properties, Inc.

Sr. Vice President|Property Management


Years On Board: February 2017 to Present

Stan White

WBAL Radio
Years on the Board: May 2008 to Present

President, Stephen P. Somers, CPP, CHS-V

Regional Vice President
Years on Board: May 2006 to Present

Secretary, Dee Freeman

Motorola Solutions, Inc.
Senior Account Manager
Years on Board: December 2014 to Present

Treasurer, David E. Mosier

 Hamilton Insurance Agency
 Executive Vice President, Benefit Operations
Years on the Board: April 2000 to Present

CES Security, Inc.

CES Security is a full service security personnel firm. Offering a carefully selected, courteous and professionally trained staff, CES is responsive to the needs of our clients. Our large staff, consisting of both officers and managers, allows us to respond quickly to last-minute personnel requirements and other changes.

CES has a corporate commitment to excellence, operational flexibility and competitive pricing, making us an attractive partner for companies and institutions throughout the region. We are licensed in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, with offices in the Washington and Baltimore areas.

Foundation Contribution Highlights 2006-2011

The Foundation’s mission is to provide Guidance, Resources and Recognition to the members of the Baltimore County Police Department.  In 2006, the Foundation launched a campaign to obtain sponsors for the annual awards dinner to further assist its mission to provide Resources to the Police Department.  As a result, the Foundation has been able to boost its commitment to the Department, providing over $169,000 in grants and equipment over the past five years.  Here are a few highlights:

  • In 2006, for the first time in the Foundation’s history, a substantial purchase was made for the department — a $66,000 Leeds Firearms and Toolmarks Comparison Microscope.  This equipment is used by the Firearms Identification Unit to match bullets, cartridge casings, and toolmarks found at crime scenes.
  • In 2008, the Foundation was again able to make a significant donation to the department — a matching grant of over $43,000 for renovations to the Command & Control Center.  This Center is used to coordinate all police activity related to critical incidents occurring in Baltimore County.  It was upgraded with advanced technology in radio communications and computer and video capabilities.  Additional upgrades were identified, and in 2011, $13,000 was committed for the purchase of new chairs for theCommand & ControlCenter.
  • Grants totaling more than $30,000 have been provided for department members to attend training programs and conferences in areas such as: managing police discipline, domestic violence, sex crimes, asset forfeiture, tactical medical operator, EEOC, homicide investigations, forensic art, crime mapping, and grants management.
  • In-kind assistance from member companies has been provided for the color printing of the Department’s quarterly newsletter and management development training for supervisory personnel. 
  • The Foundation was also proud to host several Department events, including the Swearing-In Ceremony for Chief James W. Johnson in 2007, a Citizens Academy Alumni Reunion and Strategic Planning Seminar in 2010, and a Cyber Crimes Seminar in 2011.  Seed money was also provided to establish the Armiger Memorial Scholarship Fund which will provide scholarships to individuals seeking careers in the public safety field.