Your Contributions at Work

The Foundation’s mission is to provide Guidance, Resources and Recognition to the members of the Baltimore County Police Department.  In 2006, the Foundation launched a campaign to obtain sponsors for the annual awards dinner to further assist its mission to provide Resources to the Police Department.  As a result, the Foundation has been able to boost its commitment to the Department, providing over $512,000 in grants and equipment over the past 15 years.  Here are a few highlights:

In 2006, for the first time in the Foundation’s history, a substantial purchase was made for the department — a $66,000 Leeds Firearms and Toolmarks Comparison Microscope.  This equipment is used by the Firearms Identification Unit to match bullets, cartridge casings, and toolmarks found at crime scenes.

In 2008, the Foundation was again able to make a significant donation to the department — a matching grant of over $43,000 for renovations to the Command & Control Center.  This Center is used to coordinate all police activity related to critical incidents occurring in Baltimore County.  It was upgraded with advanced technology in radio communications and computer and video capabilities.  Additional upgrades were identified, and in 2011, $13,000 was committed for the purchase of new chairs for the Command & Control Center.

In 2013, the Foundation committed over $39,000 to purchase three T-3 Electric Patroller Vehicles to be used in the Towson Entertainment District. 

In 2014, the Foundation supported the renovation of the fitness room at the Essex Precinct ($10,000).

In 2016, the Project Lifesaver program was initiated in Baltimore County through a $15,000 grant from the Foundation. 

A significant amount of funding is committed to providing grants for department members to attend leadership development  and critical training programs which cannot be funded through the normal budget process.