The private sector has a stake in the communities where businesses are located and employees live. Customer patronage and employee productivity depend on the real and perceived image of those communities. The Foundation’s mission, to improve the quality of police service, has direct impact on these populations.

The business community and the Police Department face similar problems. Both are affected by crime and illegal activity. Both are interested in employee performance and management development. The Police Department helps Foundation companies in white collar and computer-related crime, crime prevention programs, employee drug abuse, and workplace violence. The Foundation helps the Police Department with employee performance measures, vehicle fleet safety, technology, and management development.

This collaboration provides both sides with an appreciation of the demands on the “other manager.” By supporting the Police Foundation, you help to make the Police Department more effective, and you help to keep Baltimore County an attractive and desirable community in which to live and work.

Contributions to the Police Foundation are tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Federal Tax Identification #52-1334352