The Baltimore County Police Foundation was formed in 1979 as a private, business-sponsored, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of police service in the County, and strengthening the relationship between police and the business community. The Foundation recognizes the vital contribution the Police Department makes to the well being and quality of life enjoyed by individuals and businesses in the County. It believes a strong business/police partnership provides the impetus for the Police Department to achieve and maintain excellence.


Our Beliefs and Mission

The Foundation encourages, supports, and recognizes professionalism at every level of the Department. The Foundation focuses on improving the Department’s efficiency and effectiveness in three ways:

  • Guidance in the exchange of management skills between businesses and the Department.
  • Resources, both in-kind and financial, for equipment, technology and training.
  • Recognition of Department members by rewarding and promoting outstanding performance throughout the Department and community.


Our Members

Members of the Foundation consist of large and small business organizations. There are two levels of membership in the Foundation.

  • Member organizations contribute a $1,500 annual assessment, sponsor a table at the Annual Awards Dinner, and participate as Directors with voting rights.
  • Contributing members support the Foundation with a minimum annual assessment of $500, do not participate as Directors, and have no voting rights.

Both classes of membership receive acknowledgement in Foundation literature, programs and functions.

Through the support of these businesses, the Foundation is able to assist the Police Department by sponsoring management development programs and providing funds for department members to attend specialized training programs. Through sponsorship opportunities offered at the Annual Awards Dinner, the Foundation is able to further assist the Department with special projects and the purchase of new equipment.

The Board of Directors consists of representatives from member organizations. The Officers of the Foundation, elected bi-annually, consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board of Directors meet four times a year: February, May, September and December.

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Our Success

Several key points contribute to the Police Foundation’s success:
  • The commitment and involvement of the Police Department’s top executives.
  • The genuine interest and enthusiasm of Police Foundation members.
  • The acceptance and willingness of the Police Department’s command staff to have outsiders review their operations.
  • The assignment of a top-level manager to act as a catalyst and provide active liaison between the Police Department and the Foundation